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This web site will give you a much needed historical insight into the world of females in drumming and some girl drumming history you may have never seen or even knew of.

We have a wondeful collection of early 30's and 40's drum corps that were made up of all girls. Many of the early publications featured female percussionists and what they were doing in the business.

If you know of a girl drummer that you want to add history or an article about then please send it to us. We will gladly add it to this web site.

Thanks for visiting our web site dedicated to female drummers and percussionists and please be sure to bookmark this web site and check back often.




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Girl Drums is a web site dedicated to girl drummers and girl drumming. We have a bunch of female percussionist history and literature going back to the 20's. There were a bunch of female drum lines and female groups that played drums and percussion. Today the girl drummer has moved into the spotlight! Drummers like Sheila E., Cindy Blackman, Hannah Ford, Gina Schock, Karen Carpenter and many others are well respected in the business and welcomed into the drumming community.

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